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My career has been based around the ability to mediate in disputes and to find solutions where others could not. I have always had a natural fondness for communication as a means of exchanging information that is an enriching experience for both parties. My first opportunity to explore this interest in communication was by studying foreign languages. The next step was to study another form of communication – computers.

I began translating the judgements (awards) of international arbitration courts in secondary school and subsequently - already a master's level graduate - moved to intergovernmental agreements some of which I was to co-author years afterwards.

I worked as a manager in firms and then a consultant in Third World countries for several years. My experience in these roles has enabled me to generate the added value I now bring to the services I provide. These services include:
(a) analysing the material and legal issues of the matter and the goals of the negotiating parties
(a) involved,
(b) drafting accurate accompanying communications and related documents; and
(c) combining knowledge of material with excellence in linguistic quality.

The portfolio of my clients extends from multinationals via banks, trading firms, sports
and interest groups to European institutions and their advisors.

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